Our history

Our history.
This homestead began building more than 20 years ago. First piece of land was bought, it was not taken care of, it started from the lake to the fir line at the just behind our vocation houses.  In the next few years the land was cleaned, first gazebo was built, some time later - a house, which is standing to this day. After some time the land behind the fir treeline was bought, together with the pond and the foundation of the ruined house. Homestead spread to the other side, where the house of the homestead owners arose.

There was only one neighbor on the other side of the lake, however, their house did not withstand the might of hurricane Katia. From that day forward we are the only ones living so close to this lake.

At the start, the homestead was usually for rent for big celebrations, later we realized that this is not the way we want to go and from that day on we only accepted peaceful visitors.

2014 - first horses arrived, the royal, majectic friesian hoses.
2015 - there was a filming of a television entertainment program LNK Derliaus Šventė
2016 - started renting vocation houses and provide services with our horses.
2017 - started building two additional vocation houses.
2018 - in spring we finished building the vocation houses and build a apitherapy house.

Even though we are providing our services not so long, we are happy to say, that we can provide the highest quality and service to our customers. There is much more we are going to offer in the future.

We are awaiting your arrival all year long.
Kalniaus Sodyba team.