Friesian horses

Our horses

Friesian horses - strong, elegant, clam, majectic.
In our homestead we have a herd of friesian horses, which came from Netherlands in 2014. This breed compelled us with its exterior and calmness, soon they became not only our best friend but also great companions in homestead activities. When working with friesian horses we feel absolutely calm bacause it is a brave, clam and very smart companions.  Right now the herd consists of more than 10 friesians.

Friesian horses

Friesian breed is one of the oldest horses breeds bred in Europe, it was used for farm work and war from old times. Friesian breed origins from northern Netherlands, Friesian province. For unusually brave nature of the horse and the power in the Middle Ages they quickly became irreplaceable war horses. They also were used by Romans, they were also liked by the English because of their good nature, where this breed later on was mixed with the other breeds.

In IIIX, when heavy horses were no longer needed, Friesian breed had Andalusian horse blood mixed in, the purpose for this was to make this breed more elegant and more fit for carriages. In the early XX period, this breed almost came to extinction, until once again, a horse became irreplaceable for cargo transportation in the years of Second World War. Today, we can see friesians in varieties of tourist activities, dressage and carriage drawing competitions.

Friesian exterior

The standart for friesian breed is black hair. They have very beautiful and long manes and tails. Only friesians who have just a couple of white hairs on the forehead get approved by the KFPS. Sometimes, if the parents are very noble, their young grow chestnut color hair, however, it is a rare occasion.