Horseback riding

Horseback riding

Horseriding - it is a really fun activity for both - young and older. Being together with a horse you will experience great things, relax and will completely disconnect from daily thoughts. That is what a horse does to a person.

Horseback riding in the nature

It not just riding, it is relaxaing activity as well, which, if you wanted, could become an extreme activity. We always give helmest to the riders and for kids, we will give a protective vest and a helmet. It is because even though horse is a smart, big and trained being, he is also an animal who used to be a pray to predators, for that reason this animal could get scared. An experienced rider will definitely be able to enjoy the gallop in the wide fields!

Horseback riding for two

It is a romantic opportunity for a couple, riding a horse for two with the escort of a coach. Horse riding near the lake, at the sunset. 

Horseback riding with a change

We undestand that some may just want to try and sit on the horse, walk a circle on it that's it. It is a great opportunity for a family who have never ridden a horse and want to experience it for a first time. 

Horseback riding by the sea

Wouldn't it be fun to ride on a horse back by the sea? On a black, noble breed horse, with long, beautiful tail and mane, which is tall and elegant? It can be arranged, contact us for additional information!