How to get here?

How to get here?
It is quite easy to find us.
You can type in Google "Kalniaus Sodyba" and you will find us easily in the maps.
Google maps: Type: "Kalniaus Sodyba" and you will find us near Barkeliai.
Waze: Type: "Kalniaus Sodyba" and you will find us near Barkeliai.


How to find us without navigation?
First, get to Darbėnai town, there you will need to get near a shop named "RimOna", going from Palanga, Šventoji, Kretinga this store will be found on your right and going from Skuodas, Salantai you will find in the city of the town, in front of the church on the left side. Near the shop you will see a turn to Vaineikiai, turn there and go straight out of Darbėnai. When you leave the town, go via gravel road surrounded by forest it will be ~2 kilometers for your next turn. You will leave the forest and then on your left you will see a couple of houses, go past them until you pass a small stream, when you pass it in about 20 meters there should a big rock on the right side of the road and a turn to the right, after it you will see a house in 10-20 meters. Take the turn on that road, go straight until you get into a forest again, this one will be short, go until you leave the forest. By now you should be able to see a few horses in the distance on your left. You will have two options to go straight or left, turn left, go forward until you see the only houses by the lake, you will see gate one on your way, go past it and you can enter via the second gate.

Looking forward to your visit!