Kayak rental


Mes siūlome Jums keliauti gražiausia Žemaitijos upe - Minija. 

1 dienos maršrutai2 - 3 dienų maršrutai
Kartena - Raguviškiai
1 diena, 13 km, trukmė 3-5 val.
Maršruto aprašymas, spauskite čia....
Aleksandravas - Raguviškiai
2 dienos, 37 km
Aleksandravas - Kartena
1 diena, 24 km, trukmė 6-8 val.
Pakutuvėnų vienuolynas-Kartena
2 dienos, 36 km 
Cigonaliai - Kartena
1 diena, 16 km, trukmė 4-6 val
2 dienos, 29 km 
Dauginčiai - Kartena
1 diena, 12 km, trukmė 3-5 val.
Kartena - Gargždai
2 dienos, 36 km
Pakutuvėnų vienuolynas - Cigonaliai
1 diena, 20 km, trukmė 5-7 val.
Karklėnai (Babrungo intakas) - Dauginčiai
2 dienos, 28 km
Karklėnai  (Babrungo intakas) - Aleksandravas
1 diena, 15 km, trukmė 4-6 val.
Gargždai - Mingė
2-3 dienos, 48 km
Aleksandravas - Dauginčiai
1 diena, 12 km, trukmė 4-6 val.
Karklėnai (Babrungo intakas) - Kartena
2 dienos, 39 km
Utriai - Gargždai
1 diena,  16 km, trukmė 4-6 val.
Aleksandravas - Gargždai
3 dienos, 60 km
Raguviškiai - Gargždai
1 diena, 24 km, trukmė 6-8 val.
Karklėnai (Babrungo intakas)i - Raguviškiai
3 dienos, 52 km

Vasaros metu (liepos, rugpjūčio mėn), kritiškai nukritus vandens lygiui, maršruto atkarpoje nuo Aleksandravo iki Cigonalių (Dauginčių) apie 9 km, plaukiant per Dyburių Kilpas daugelyje vietų Jums užplaukus ant seklumos tektų lipti iš baidarės ir ją pernešinėti, todėl nukritus vandens lygiui iki kritinio, plaukti per Dyburių kilpas nerekomenduotina.

Vasaros metu yra rekomenduojami maršrutai nuo Kartenos iki Gargždų. Šioje atkarpoje Minija tampa ramesnė, bet dar yra rėvų, akmenų ir Jūs trumpam galėsite pajusijusti plaukiantis kalnų upe. 
Nuo Gargždų iki Mingės, upės srovės tėkmė sulėtėja, nebėra rėvų ir akmenų. Šią upės atkarpą rekomenduojame rinkti keliautojams mėgstantiems ramų pasiplaukiojimą. 
Terms and Conditions
Vocation house terms

Our rented resort “Kalniaus-Sodyba”, Barkelių village 3, Darbėnai region, Kretinga district is used for peaceful, restful and safe stay. Customer and his companions are obligated to read the Terms and Conditions.

One day rent time starts at 14:00 and ends the following day at 12:00. Time does not depend on what time the customer arrives. Not leaving before the given time there are extra fees of 10 eur for each hour. It is possible to negotiate the arrival and leaving time.

1.Rented properties and the property inside;
2.Sauna (extra fees included)
3.Fireplace, BBQ when given permission from the administrator;
4.Use lake in the places used for swimming;
5.Fish in a private pond (only when renting summer house or villa and after paying the fishing fee).

1.To make a reservation customer must pay 50% of the order in advance. Pay the full payment of the order first thing when arriving at the resort. Reserving but not arriving at the reserved time the advance payment is not refunded. When guests arrive and do not stay for the full reserved period the payment for the time not stayed in not refunded;
2.Provide ID card and register in customer registration book;
3.When making a reservation customer provides the exact number of people who will be visiting, including the children in the same number. Customer can not exceed the provided number of people or invite more people without informing the administrator;
4.When ordering extra services customer must pay before receiving the services;
5.Economically use the water and electricity;
6.Act responsibly and must not disturb or make complications for other people who are visiting our properties;
7.Keep personal property in rented house or own car (Resort owners do not take responsibility for customer property);
8.Attend while returning the properties to the owner or their representative;
9.Throw out the trash into the container and tidy the house before leaving.

1.Smoking inside any of the buildings if finable (customers can smoke next to ashtray outside the building), fine - 20 euros, the fine will go up to 100 euros if the owner or his representative witnesses repeated smoking inside after a given warning. (LR ATPK 185 str. 1d.);
2.Litter the territory (bottles, butts, food trash);
3.Cut or break trees or bushes;
4.Without the permission of the owner fire the fireplace, BBQ or use anything else that emits open fire, use of any kind of firearms, fireworks or crackers;
5.Bring any kind of pets without the permission of the owner;
6.Relocate any inventory or material property without the permission of the owner;
7.Use towels, blankets, bed linen, chairs, tables or other inventory outside of the house;
8.Burn plastic in fireplace or BBQ;
9.Leaving children next to lakes, sauna, fireplaces without the attention of the adults.

1.Customer is responsible for any kind of broken or destroyed retail estate or movable property and will have to pay for it in case if it gets destroyed or broken;
2.If losses occurred because of minors actions, adults will have to compensate for it;
3.If any of the visitors get hurt because of their own or their companions actions or break their own property because of their own carelessness the owners of the resort are not responsible;
4.The customer who books the services is responsible for any noise or music after 22:00, fine - 20 euros, fine will grow up to 100 euros if the volume does not go down after a given warning.

1.Safely use all the electronic devices, do not allow the minors to use it. Do not leave any electronic devices turned on without your attention (tv and radio included);
2.Smoke only outside, only in smoking areas (next to ashtray outside the building), throw cigarette butts only in ashtray;
3.Start a fire in a fireplace inside the building only when given a permission from the owner;
4.Firewood can only be placed in safe distance from fire;
5.After starting a fire in a inside fireplace do not let minors play next to it or let them keep the fire;
6.Do not start any form of fire in the forest (do not throw away butts, do not use open fire);
7.In resort territory only start fire in places devoted to it. It is forbidden to leave fire without attention;
8.Minors can go for a swim only with attention of adults;
9.Act so there will be no chance of harm to any of the visitors;
10.Use the provided tools, equipment or inventory only for their use;
11.Every guest is personally responsible for the quality of the food they have brought;
12.When guest or his children gets hurt because they were not complying to the fire and safety rules the owner is not responsible;
13.For any other accidents inside the territory of resort, the house, summerhouse, sauna, lake, sports area, children play area or other places the guests themselves are responsible;
14.For any incidents or their results which happened when alcohol or drugs were involved the guests themselves are responsible;
15.Parents or guardians of juvenile children must ensure the safety of the children;
16.Customer who made the booking is responsible for informing the other guests about all the rules and is responsible for compliance with the rules;
17.Customer undertakes the responsibility to inform his companions about the resort rules and is responsible for their behaviour and material damage done.
In the event of fire call 112.

Sauna rules
  1. Before and after sauna do not use alcohol.
  2. Each and every person is responsible for his/her own safety as well as their companions safety.
  3. Have break times. Usually, going to a sauna people do 3 - 6 enters, in between them we recommend to take 15-20 minute breaks outside the sauna.
  4. DO NOT wear metal on your body.
  5. DO NOT do fast movements. After spending some time in the sauna DO NOT stand up fast - you might lose your balance or even conscience. After leaving the sauna you should slowly walk around and breath, only then lay down or sit down to rest. DO NOT blow air into another person or you may burn them!
  6. When in the sauna you MUST consume a lot of water.
  7. When splashing water, do it carefully and slowly.
  8. Parents are responsible for their children.
  9. We DO NOT take responsibility for things that have been left behind.
  10. Sauna owners have the right to ask you out of the sauna if you break the Sauna rules, act irresponsibly or break the property.
Horse riding terms

For all the actions take near a horse the visitor is responsbile himself/herself, when mounting a horse he/she takes responsibility for himself/herself and his/her health.

  1. FORBIDDEN to go into stables without the permission or pressence of the owers or the supervisor.
  2. FORBIDDEN to open the stall and go inside without the attention of coach.
  3. FORBIDDEN to touch, feed, pet horses without the coach, supervisor or owners approval. Not all horses are friendly.
  4. FORBIDDEN to run, wave, do sudden movements, make big noise or do other actions that may scare the horses.
  5. FORBIDDEN to approach a horse from its back or front because it may kick or bite It is best to approach a horse from a side, diagonally, always make sure the horse knows you are there, call it by its name or try talking to it.
  6. FORBIDDEN to not listent to the coach when you leave the homestead, also it is forbidden to leave the route, stay behind on purpose, cross the road in non-designated areas.
  7. FORBIDDEN to ride without a helmet. Kids must wear a helmet and a protective vest.
  8. FORBIDDEN to feed the horses with the food you brought without the permission of the owners.
  9. FORBIDDEN for bystanders to go into the stables
  10. There is a person who is responsible for the order in the stables, everyone has to listen to him who are visiting the place.
  11. After using any equipment of the stables, you must always return it clean, to the same place.
  12. FORBIDDEN to smoke in or near the stables.
  13. FORBIDDEN to visit the stables or ride horses when the person had consumed alcohol.