Kašučiai lake.
Kašučiai lake - it is the only lake in the Kretinga district. It has a wide main beach, where people can rest, take a swim, fish. On the other side of the lake stood the house, which was brought down by hurriane Katia on 2011. You can still find a strong stone foundation if you go there. The depth of the lake is up to 30 meters. All the archeological findings are exhibited in Kretinga museum. The legend says, that during the Second World War, when german and russian forces clashed, they did so near or on the lake in the winter. The legend claims that there may be a russian tank or even a german place sunk at the bottom of the lake, however, even to this day, nobody seems to have found any of these.

For those willing to investigate and if you provide us with any evidence that the legends are true, we are willing to give you a free stay for a week in case you find anything.