Villas by the lake

We have three separate villas, which are 50 meters apart from one another. Each have private space, terrace and all the amenities (grill, kitchen, shower, towels, beddings etc.). There is a playground for kids in the middle of the homestead where they will be easily seen from any of the villas. We wanted this place to be cozy, comfortable and warm, so when you visit us you would feel the calm and happiness. The gallery will let you choose which of the villas you like more. In each of the pages you will find a calendar where you will be able to see which dates are reserved.

Villa nr. 1 - for families with pets

This is the only villa you will be able to bring your beloved pet to. It is a two floor villa, most distanced from other but still as close to the lake.

Villa nr. 2 - for families with kids

One floor villa with a view to the playground for kids and the lake.

Villa nr. 3 - for two

One floor villa with maximum privacy with a view to the entire homestead.

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